Treelogic is a SME in Information and Communication Technologies. Cooperative R&D is the company hallmark, and the key to the business model followed by Treelogic, assessing the maturity and potential of emerging technologies and identifying key partners to create new business opportunities.

Big Data, Computer Vision, Advances Analytics & Data Science technologies are the key research programme. Furthermore, the company has wide experience in the field of ICT with large and unstructured amounts of data, in fields like banking, healthcare, insurance, transport or environment.


  • Mr. David Piris
  • Mr. Ignacio García
  • Mr. Marcos Sacristán


The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) was founded in 1988 as a non-profit public-private partnership. It has research facilities in Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken and Bremen, a project office in Berlin, and branch offices in Osnabrück and St. Wendel. The research group on “Intelligent Analytics for Massive Data” researches and develops scalable data management solutions, data analytics algorithms, and conducts big data technology transfer to enterprises. DFKI has also helped to develop the next-generation big data analytics platform Stratosphere (, which is now an Apache Top Level project.


  • Dr. Alireza Rezaei Mahdira 
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Markl

ARCELORMITTAL Innovación, Investigación e Inversión

ArcelorMittal is specialized in the implementation of new technologies in different phases of the steelmaking process, becoming a reference point for the development of innovative technology projects at the regional and even national and European level, due to its closely collaboration in the development of projects with ArcelorMittal España and other European steel companies of the Group ArcelorMittal.

The work within the project will be executed at and in close collaboration with ArcelorMittal España (AME), the largest Spanish steel producer with an annual production of about 10 Mt. AMIII is an active member of different research networks and takes an intense and active part in research programs, conducted from regional to international levels. Research includes, among others, advanced process control and monitoring systems at industrial plants, energy, environment and recycling research, measurement technology development or intelligent systems and novel data mining techniques.


  • Ms. Leticia Zárate
  • Mr. Daniel Toimil


Bournemouth University (BU) comprises five academic Faculties, 650 academic staff, 1,100 postgraduate awards and 3,800 undergraduate awards per year. BU’s research commitment has been acknowledged by the recent Vitae announcement that Bournemouth University was one of only 11 UK Universities to have achieved the HR Excellence in Research award from the European Commission in 2013. BU already meets the requirements of the European Charter and Code, through UK initiatives such as the QAA Code of Practice, and the Research Careers Initiative.

BU has recently created a Data Science Institute that brings researchers across the University from different disciplines to work together on data-driven applications. BU has also launched Bachelor in Data Science and Analytics and Master programme on Applied Data Science which has been running in the last two years.


  • Prof. Dr. Hamid Bouchachia


Lambdoop solutions S.L. is launching, an innovative services in the cloud. This brand is used in the description of the company as the most relevant one related to the core of the proposal.

NOVELTI is an Intelligence as a Service company which provides advanced streaming analytics solutions as a service. NOVELTI is oriented to data intensive contexts dominated by large volumes of data and real time requirements (e.g. IoT, Sensor Networks, Smart Grids…). NOVELTI is an Intelligence as Service company focused on developing advanced analytics technologies whose main purpose is to enable decision-making processes in data intensive contexts dominated by large volumes of data and real time requirements.


  • Mr. Marco Laucelli
  • Mr. Álvaro Agea


Trilateral Research Ltd. Is a London-based multi-disciplinary research, consulting and technology development services company. Our teams collaborate across social sciences and technology development, deriving insights that support data driven innovation. One of our main activities is analysing the social, ethical, innovation and legal impacts of new data practices. Within in this field, our expertise lies in the assessment of legal, economic, innovation and social and ethical issues associated with big data collection and analytics. Our focus is on assessing these impacts and evaluating systems to determine solutions to enhance innovation whilst ensuring responsible big data practices. We do so by working with a variety of stakeholders ranging from technical specialists, policy-makers and citizen groups.


  • Ms. Rachel Finn
  • Mr. Kush Wadhwa