Project description


PROTEUS ensures the achievement of the project objectives following a user-defined challenges driven strategy which focuses on rigorous experimental testing and industrial-validated processes. PROTEUS is guided by the specific requirements, monitoring and improvement measurement of the ArcelorMittal’s steelmaking process.


The Hot Strip Mill process involve multiple and diverse parameters that affect the final dimensional properties of the obtained coil. Examples of parameters include temperature, vibration intensity, tension in the rollers and the speed of the plate when entering the coiler. All the data that register these parameters is obtained in real time from a sensor network installed across the facility. Hot Strip Mill is the first place where coils are obtained. Downstream in the global process, the coils are treated to produce a variety of final products. One of the main defects affecting the coils is their flatness, which determines the quality of the products. Predicting this kind of dimensional defects using the massive streaming real-time data generated during the Hot Strip Mill is the main target in this scenario due to its impact on the global steal process.