SOFTWARE (Open Source)


PROTEUS is using GitHub as the code repository for the project's results. There are several repositories for the different contributions provided by PROTEUS, open to the community to join, make use, and contribute.


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An overhauled version of Apache Flink supporting hybrid computation on batch datasets and data streams.

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PROTEUS Language

Declarative language library for Scalable Data Analysis.

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PEACH: Proteus Elastic Cache

The PROTEUS Elastic distributed caché.

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PROTEUS Incremental Analytics

A backend module that implements incremental version (~O(1) computational cost using approximations) of most common analytics operations.

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SOLMA: Scalable Online Machine Learning and Data Mining Algorithms

A scalable library adapted to the data analytics platform, Apache Flink. It consist of efficient distributed online algorithms for basic utilities, sketches as well as advanced online predictive analytics for tasks like classification, clustering, regression, ensemble methods, and novelty and change detection.

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An HTML5 and CSS3 charts library, ready for batch and streaming data.

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